Our Leadership Team

Meet the People Behind the Work

Rev Dr Shane St Reynolds

Pastor / Chairman (He/Him)

Dr. St Reynolds is an ordained minister who is academically and culturally diverse having studied Theology. Dr. St Reynolds holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Universal Life Church in California, and his passion is to teach God’s Word in simple, understandable, and meaningful ways helping people effectively use their God-given gifts in all areas of life.

Shane's empathy and belief in giving a voice to the vulnerable in the community lead him to create and direct the film ‘Four Generations for Nothing’ an entrant in the Sydney Short Film Festival, intended to expose and highlight the financial, emotional, and psychological pressures that families in rural Australia face and promote financial literacy.

Religious Affiliations: Anglicanism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christian Science, Christianity, New Thought, Taoism, Universal Life Church, Unitarian Universalism,  Zen.

Tristan St Reynolds

Minister / Events Manager (He/Him)

Tristan is an ordained minister and counsellor. Tristan initiates, organizes, and promotes new programs for our staff, members, and volunteers. Tristan has a degree in metaphysics and has an advanced diploma in Psychology and counselling.

A personal message from Tristan:
"Each time someone new comes to me I empathically encourage them to release some of their darkest moments and exchange it for the light they have lying deep within.  The more you surrender into compassion for yourself, the stronger you’ll radiate deep strength, and therefore the greater the impact you will make. I believe Guiding someone on their journey isn’t a job, it is a privilege".

Religious Affiliations: Christianity, New Thought, Universal Life Church.