• Shane St Reynolds

World Healing Peace Meditation

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Universal Church is inviting YOU to contribute your consciousness to healing the world and establishing sustainable peace. Join more than 500 million people from an array of faith traditions and philosophies, across seven continents, meditating simultaneously on 31 Dec 2021 10:00pm AEST.

The gatherings begin at precisely the same moment all around the world in all the many languages, to pray in the ways of their own traditions. We each affirm Peace and commit to do our part to heal the world. It is truly an amazing experience to sense the consciousness and the presence of hundreds of millions of people sharing the hour!

This event has been conducted every year since 1986 started by John Randolph Price and Jan Price. Pastor Shane has been asked to read and take part in this event by Centers for Spiritual Living so make sure you are registered on our newsletter for updates. Here's how to join:

Date: 31 Dec 2021 10:00pm AEST. Where: The meditation will be streamed live on the Centers for Spiritual Living facebook page which you can access here.